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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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Made in the USA

About Us

The Covid 19 Jewelry Designs brought to life on this site are to memorialize the moment. Jewelry and Charms celebrate or depict a time in our lives. This World Pandemic of Covid – 19 should be no different. It’s a time that will go into our history books and be unforgettable. For us, jewelry has been deemed a non essential business so the Store doors were locked. Fortunately we were still able to work in the shop fabricating & designing.

 Partnering in the Covid 19 Jewelry project is other small business that experienced losses to their income due to this pandemic.

·         Arnol Rodriguez, a graduate architectural engineer doing CAD jewelry design and web design.

·         Peter Morfino , Using 3-d printing  and casting facility, (3rd Generation) Quality Casting Inc, New York.

·         Gino Blando Jr, (4th Generation) Graduate Gemologist & Jeweler, at Marry Me Jewelry Assisting in assembly & finishing

·         Kudos to Carol Baker, quality control – packaging – shipping, at Marry Me Jewelry.

·         Hermilo Sanchez, Shop Manager at Marry Me Jewelry.

·         Thank you for viewing and considering a purchase.

 Please be safe, wishing you and your loved ones good health.

Sincerely, Owner Gino Blando Sr  - G.Blando Jewelers Inc.